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Learning & Vision

There are numerous visual skills which influence an individual's ability to learn. The visual system plays a significant part in how we learn and process information. The majority of what we perceive, comprehend and remember depends on the efficiency of the visual system. Vision is not just about being able to see 20/20.

Signs/Symptoms of Visual Problems

  • Use of a marker/finger when reading,
  • Skipping words and lines or repeating them,
  • Difficulty coping from the board,
  • Complaining of headaches, eye strain or fatigue,
  • Words moving around on the page or jumping up and down,
  • Frustation with letter and word recognition,
  • Slow reading and comprehension.

80% of individuals with reading problems have difficulty with visual skills. Studies have shown that individual's ability to interpret text can be greatly improved through the development of their visual perception and eye movement systems. This development is sometimes known as tracking enhancement.

At VisionWorks we provide a thorough assessment of our patient's visual systems, visual perception and can diagnose visual stress. Once your problem has been identified we provide continuing bespoke home exercise plans for the improvement and maximisation of visual skills.