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Providing 1st Class Neuro-Visual Therapy in Jersey

Individuals of any age who believe they are not meeting their full potential or are working harder than necessary to keep up with their peers could benefit from visual therapy. Visual therapy can enhance your quality of life and self esteem, by making stressful, everyday situations easier to undertake.

VisionWorks is commited to providing its patients with the best visual therapy solution in the Channel Islands. Patients learn to use their visual system more effectively and enhance the use of brain processes to alleivate signs and symptoms of visual problems associated with learning.

We formulate individual treatment plans designed to maximise the potential of each of our clients.

Sarah is an specialist Orthoptist and manages a range of ophthalmic patients from birth through to later life, she is experienced in providing management for lazy eyes (amblyopia), squint (strabismus), reduced vision, ptosis, double vision (diplopia) and many neurological problems. Sarah is registered with all major private Healthcare providers.